Here at A Couple of Adventures we are two dedicated travelers working hard to make a life while remembering to have fun with every step. You will find here: interesting stories backed with beautiful photos, guest features, and best of all zero politics! Join us on an amazing journey through our world.

Welcome to A Couple of Adventures!

Welcome to A Couple of Adventures!

A Couple of Adventures is made up of a very small, just the two of us, family of traveling souls trying our best see the world, put food in our stomachs, and tell interesting and exciting stories through the power of words and photography.

The beautiful Matterhorn as viewed from the ski resort of Zermatt, Switzerland.

Our adventure began in 2013 when my wife and I met while I was on a snowboarding trip from the US to Canada with friends and she was working for the ski resort for the winter months from Finland. During that short vacation we bonded quickly on the slopes over the course of three days and a few short months later I picked out a ring because I knew she was the one.

Following a long flight to from Oregon (my home at the time) to Helsinki Finland I asked her to marry me and a month later we were wed in Finland. Moving fast in a relationship was not something I was known for and same for her so this was truly something special. From there I moved to Finland and our life together began. Living in Europe brought the ability to quickly and easily travel to countless destinations with an abundance of cheap flights and countries just ready to be explored. Since 2013 I have amassed passport stamps from many countries where previously there had been zero. As you may know it is hard to get stamps in the EU so most have come from elsewhere.

In the last 3 years we have traveled to Norway, Latvia, Estonia, France, Germany, Sweden, Italy, Morocco, Canada, Iceland, Switzerland, Austria, Russia, Spain, Belgium, Romania, US, Czech Republic, and Poland and believe me there is so much more to come.

Join us on our adventure which continues now!

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-- Jeremy & Anita --

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